There has always been two sides to me – the creative, flowing, introspective one and the scientific, logical sporty one. They haven’t always blended together so well but over the years, I’ve come to understand that I need both sides fulfilled before I’m happy.

I’d always danced as a youngster – in fact mornings were spent in the mud playing rugby with the boys and afternoons were spent in a tutu with the girls. I went on to study drama at university while being a member of the British Triathlon squad but in reality, the marrying of the two was quite a challenge. After university, I decided that being a full time athlete would take me to the top….I was wrong!

Training full time, I felt bored and under stimulated. I just didn’t have the passion and I wasn’t fulfilled…nor was I making any headlines in the draft legal triathlon races! So I gave it up. My dream of Olympics and sports stardom was shattered and I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do with my life. However, I was lucky enough to find my wonderful husband Simon and get the chance to move to San Diego…and so the next phase began!

Back to the drawing board I went and thus began my journey over to my creative side. For the next few years, I completed a Masters degree in Theatre and more importantly discovered film. I acted in many independent films and found a talent for writing and producing films. After finding my writing-producing partner, Ian, I realized that this was where my heart was….with film – to tell stories that can impact people’s lives the way others films have impacted mine.

With this newly lit fire of passion inside me, I took back to triathlon. Low and behold I had a completely new take on it. I knew myself better, I knew my body better and I knew why I wanted to do it.

And so now, my days are filled with dreaming up new screenplays, putting together productions, training and coaching. With our biggest project, All Quiet on the Western Front (for which we have the rights to the book and have adapted a new screenplay), we have our sights firmly set on the Oscars. With our smaller projects, Something Blue (which we produced last year:, we are happy to take it around the independent festival circuit.

These two sides of me now live in harmony and I have come to appreciate that one fuels the other!