Do you have a BraveHeart? Then prove it.

By taking part in my BraveHeart Brick session…

How much does it cost?

Free to TCSD members (with club ID). If you are from another club, e-mail me for attendance fees.


Every Tuesday night, 5:45 – 7 p.m. between April and September.


NTC Promenade at Liberty Station on the corner of Cushing and Roosevelt Roads (on the grassy area).

What will the session involve?

Bike/run warm up of 15 min, followed by 3-5 sets of bike-run “brick” intervals. All bike intervals are done on the stationary trainer, and the run is on grass around a ¼ mile loop. The bike/run intervals are predominantly just under, at, or just over your lactate threshold (i.e., they hurt!). The session also focuses on the neuromuscular transition from biking to running. LEARN TO LOVE RUNNING OFF THE BIKE!!

What do you need?

  • A stationary trainer
  • A 1-2 inch plinth to raise your front wheel (a telephone directory or a thick book works!).
  • Your bike and cycling shoes
  • Running shoes
  • Towel
  • Water or energy drink (2 x 24oz bottles of fluid is recommended)
  • A BraveHeart!

There will be two spare stationary trainers available, but you can reserve one in advance by e-mailing or calling me directly.

Any Questions: Call (619-318-3860) or e-mail for any additional information about the session.

BraveHeart Brick Testimonials:

“I understand why Coach Lesley refers to the Braveheart Brick as a “key training session.” This weekly workout puts the hurt on both physically and mentally. However, you finish knowing that you have gotten stronger, faster and will better tolerate that bike-to-run leg pain.”
(Peter Karvelis, Triathlon Club of San Diego)

“The Braveheart Brick workouts are awesome. Lesley’s attention to each individual and her ability to motivate participants is superb. Thanks Lesley!”
(Greg Smeltzer, Triathlon Club of San Diego)