Add Laser to a Post-Training Massage

By February 17, 2015 No Comments

Body maintenance is as important a part of triathlon training as a focused, well thought-out training schedule tailored for your personal abilities and athletic goals.

With my day-in, day-out regimen of seven hour training days it’s no wonder everything in my body, especially my muscles, tightens up and often becomes rock hard. For someone like me who trains hard every single day, leaving them in that condition is not an option. Because eventually it would lead to an injury.

And just like with training, where I know the pain of a current session will pay dividends with fitness in the longer term, so the immediacy of a pain-inducing post-training massage will lead to loosened-off muscles and less body pain later in the day.

But the massaged muscles themselves often end up sore as a result of the personal attention. So I frequently use a combination of post training treatments, such as a massage followed by a soothing deep tissue LiteCure Class IV laser. The deep heat from the laser not only soothes my battered muscles but helps with the rehabilitation process by improving blood circulation and accelerating the body’s own natural healing process.

So the next time you put in a long and punishing training day, think about treating yourself to a one-two rehab punch of a massage followed by a deep tissue laser, like I do!