Using Ozone in Medical Treatment

By November 13, 2014 No Comments

Rehab and treatment for injury march to the beat of their own drum. And sometimes, especially with athletic injuries, everything is far from being simply black and white. To make matters even more complex, often what seems to work best for one athlete, doesn’t work well at all for the next. One thing is sure though, mainstream medicine definitely doesn’t have all the answers.

Sometimes you have to encompass medical techniques and technologies that are not mainstream. For example, 30 years ago acupuncture, although a staple diet in the Far East for thousands of years, was barely on the radar in the West. Now though it is often seen as borderline mainstream in Western medicine.

In my painfully extensive rehab experience, one technology that keeps coming up is the use of ozone, which is an oxidizer. Apart from purifying water, ozone can also be used to destroy parasites and bacteria – two things that I’m unwittingly through personal experience becoming an expert on! Ozone is produced by a special medical-specific ozone generator. Not all ozone generators are created equal. And from a medical perspective, the ozone generated must be free from contaminants and can’t come into contact with metal, rubber, plastic or ceramics before use.

Why is the use of ozone relevant to me and my treatment? Because, in part, ozone makes my immune system work better, increases the delivery of oxygen to tissues and cells, and can kill bacteria on contact. I’m at the beginning of my ozone journey in using it to help treat my many maladies such as Lyme’s Disease and dangerous bacteria. The ozone generator I’m using comes from Longevity Resources (www.ozonegenerator.com). I’ll provide an update with some thoughts in a few months after I’ve used it.