Lesley Paterson 2nd at Ironman 70.3 California 2010

Ironman 70.3 California Lesley Paterson

Lesley came in 2nd in Ironman 70.3 California Oceanside.


Swim: 27:45

Bike: 2:34:10

Run: 1:18:28

Total: 4:24:31


Super cool!


Lesley was 25th overall and ran a bit more than a min slower than men’s winner Michael Raelert.

Nice start of the season!


All the gear but no idea!

bike at oceanside

Finally I hear you cry! Yes, I now have a full bike sponsor and am totally decked out thanks to JAMIS bikes. They gave me a top of the line TT bike, road bike and mountain bike and they are AWESOME!

The funny thing is I’ve struggled through the last several years with below par equipment…in fact not just below par, down right dangerous equipment! The funny thing is, I kind of got a sick kick out of it. 2nd in the world and I was riding on a 7 year old, second hand bike!

Where I grew up in Scotland, it was the heart that got you through sessions or races, not the equipment. In fact, if you did have nice equipment or fancy “gear”, you were mocked for being ‘above your station’ and having ‘all the gear but no idea’. Scots are not known for their ‘showmanship’, but more for their ability to rise above their underdog status and claim the top position against all odds. It’s amazing how this seems to be embedded in my psyche.

I think I’m finally moving past this and embracing a new professional attitude to my sport.

Still, I will never lose that heart, grit and determination that got me here in the first place…even if my bike weighs 16lbs instead of 36lbs!Les on new bike!


Hardest time of the year

You know, this can be the hardest time of the year for triathletes. After all the winter training, the race season is about to begin, and the nerves are building in the background. Will all that training pay off? Have I improved?

Here’s the thing… the season is a journey with its ups and downs and you have to remember that it’s a process. Be patient, enjoy this process and have confidence in the knowledge that you will grow as the season progresses.

I always choose some fun low key races to get me going at the start of the season…remember what it is I love about competing.

The piccie is of me at the “Racers and Chasers” local mountain bike events…maybe I’m smiling just a bit too much? But heck, I had fun!

Lesley Paterson has fun!

Lesley Paterson has fun!


Dan Hugo Wins Again!


Our teammate Dan Hugo just won Xterra South Africa…not only is he hot but he’s also bloody talented :)

Well done Champ!

Check out piccies here:


And his race report here:



Lisa Nordén Interview

Lisa Nordén LA triathlon 2009, photo by Rich Cruse

Some fun questions with one of my cool fellow team members Lisa Nordén!! Doesn’t she look lean and mean!!

Why did you get into triathlon?

I took it up as a challenge to test my bike fitness after a holiday cycling trip to Italy…(19 days in the saddle, 5 countries and lots and lots of rain).

Then a year and a half later I did another one which lead to some more tri specific training as a preparation for it. More exactly… I would time trial the 20km’s from my home to our summer house at the beach… About the same time my horse got injured and I was looking for something to do with my time. Bingo!
Eventually the horse got swoped completely for a steelframe with two wheels…

What would be your ideal day look like?

I would wake up and have a massive cup of strong black coffee. Then I would get into my cycling gear on and head out for a longish ride, good company essential!

The ride would finish at a local café with breakfast, papers and more coffee. Home for a lay down then a lazy afternoon with maybe a trip to the beach or a wee shopping tour.

What’s your favorite film and why?

Don’t really have any all time high movie… I mostly watch films when I’m flying, which means I’d fall asleep half way trough the movie and then get them mixed up with each other… But I do love a feel good movie like Love actually or a crier like the Notebook… Am I being a girl or what here?!


Recovery Week

I’ve finally figured out that in order to be a great athlete, instead of just a good one, you have to rest as hard as you train. It’s tough for us super motivated, ‘A’ type personalities, because we just can’t switch off. However, it seems to work when I apply the same motivation to resting as I do training.

While the rest does you good, don’t expect to feel all chirpy after it because it can take a few days to kick your body, mind and spirit back in to line! It’s almost like learning to dance again!

Best part of a recovery week…spending more time with my hubby in bed – as you can see 😉

recovery week


Etiquette of Conversation


When I moved out to California from Scotland 7 years ago, I was shocked at the inability of most people to have a proper conversation.

I ask you a question, you answer it, I engage with a comeback to show my interest in what you have said, you then ask me a question….and on and on.

I took it for granted that I knew how to do this. Doesn’t every parent teach their child the etiquette of conversation? Apparently not.

What I notice over in California is that people talk about themselves ALL the time. I’ve had many an interaction where I have been ‘talked at’ for about 20 minutes!

One of the first things I remember my parents telling me when I was young:

“always ask other people about themselves”

I was a lucky kid and I can never thank my parents enough for instilling this mantra in me.

So…what I learned is that not only does this mantra apply to conversations, it also applies to life in general. Not everything is about you or should I say ‘one’. Make it about someone else sometimes. When you do that, it’s a heck of a lot more fulfilling, people enjoy being around you, it’s easier to make friends and best of all, it’s interesting and you can really learn things about yourself and others!

Why is the etiquette of conversation like this over here in California? Well, I guess it has to do with belief systems. America is a young country founded on the principals of freedom of speech and independent thought. Unfortunately this has created a culture where people believe they have a right. A right to choose. When they have a right to choose, they believe they are important – that they have the power and control. In other words, its all about them!

However, back in the UK or at least Scotland, the sense of freedom is far less. We are still bogged down in the class system and there is most definitely a glass ceiling. So while this presents many negatives, this also infuses the culture with a humbleness, a sense of placement in the world. And so, this is reflected in the belief system, the belief system that is encapsulated in mantras like “ask others about themselves first”.

That is most certainly one I will be passing on to my children.


Wattie Ink

So gang, I have a new sports agent called Sean Watkins. Cool dude with an ace attitude that has been hooking me up. So far it looks like he’s closed a deal with SpiderTech, Easton, Fizik, Jamis, Avia, Aqua Sphere…plus more coming!

Well done Wattie!

Check out his blog: wattieink.blogspot.com

Wattie Ink Blog Header


Intellectual Masturbation

Trainer workouts and movies

Trainer workouts and movies!

Okay so this morning, Ian (my writing partner), and I took to our trainers so we could watch a movie with the director/writers commentary. We have found that this can be good multi-tasking if we need to fit in a session but we still want to work on our film stuff.

Now it was a wonderful film and certainly insightful as filmmakers to listen to the details of how this was put together…but, I couldn’t help feeling like there was a heck of a lot of over analysis or intellectual masturbation over the process by which they came about some of their decisions. I’m not doubting that many choices were carefully crafted, if not most, but surely some of the “meaning” behind those choices was actually bestowed upon it after the fact or by others interpretation. It seems easier in hindsight to place labels or to justify a choice when so many of those choices were probably done by instinct or intuition. It’s almost like to validate their craft they have to over intellectualize it.

Our process as writers, and even to a certain extent as athletes includes much development, analysis and logical planning out but also at some point you let much of that go and just do it. Situations occur, the gun goes off, the camera roles, and you just get it done any way you can.

I guess those that are really talented can make intuitive decisions work and thus seem like they were always planned out in advance…maybe when I’m in the “commentary” box of my next big film, I’ll sound like a pompous ass too!




A recurring theme in my life over the past few weeks has been passion. I have figured out that I am incredibly lucky to be passionate about several things.

When I was about 20, I went through a horrible phase when I truly didn’t feel passionate about anything. I just couldn’t find my ‘mojo’ for life – what gives you those butterflies in the stomach, or that feeling in the back of your neck like you can’t breath because you’re so excited.

I went on a journey to find it and find it I certainly did. Through film, triathlon and my hubby, I genuinely wake up every morning excited to get going. Ask me what it is about these endeavors that makes me so passionate and I could wax poetical for hours. Now am I where I want to be yet and have I achieved my goals? No. But, the fact that I know what I’m passionate about is the success in itself.

So when athletes or artists come up to me feeling like they failed or haven’t done their ‘best time’ or have had a bad day, I say feel thankful that you have a passion, that you have something that gets you excited. It really is a luxury that can’t be taken for granted!