I had a fantastic race at the Xterra West Championships in Las Vegas. It was a lot of fun! I finished fourth OVERALL, which was really cool, and 13 minutes ahead of the second placed female. I felt amazing and truly unstoppable. Training had gone so well and I was excited to race everyone.

After a solid swim, I felt really strong and powerful on the bike. I was excited to be around the pro men on the trails and keeping up. Then an even better feeling was when I started passing them! I’m comfortable with loose rocky descents, living in San Diego and training on the trails there, so that part of the course was easy!

Historically my run has always been my true strength, although now I tend to be the fastest on the bike as well. On the run, I just felt strong and powerful and was surprised that I was catching and passing even more of the pro-men. I enjoyed just working hard and being in control!

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